Earn 312% off buying diamonds

Each buyer of 585 gold and diamonds jewelry automatically becomes a participant of the ‘Cancri Jewelry’ project.

You receive the first of 52 payments to your balance within 1 week after the purchase.Payments are made daily. This is a unique opportunity to generate income, since during the year the client not only fully refunds money for each purchase, but also receives an additional bonus.

Bonuses (Cashback)

Bonus receiving table

Gold jewelry
Weekly return 3,5%
Annual return 182%
Working time 364 days
Diamond jewelry
Weekly return 5%
Annual return 260%
Working time 364 days

How to start earning income

Purchase of the product

Buying a diamond ring cost 1000 €, you get not only a high-quality piece of jewelry, but also a maximum annual bonus of 260%, 21% per month.


On the first Monday after purchase, 5% of the product price will be returned to your balance. Number of payments - 364.

Income from the purchase

The annual return on the purchase is 2600 €. Moreover, you keep the jewelry!

Booking Card


You can book the desired jewelry with the Booking Card from anywhere in the world. Our staff will reserve it exclusively for you. And you can pick it up in any of our jewelry houses whenever you feel comfortable.

At the same time, for the entire period of ownership of the card, you receive a percentage of cashback. The Booking Card can be exchanged for jewelry at any time in the jewelry house. It is valid for three years.


Where does cashback come from?

The average mark-up for jewelry in a store is 300%. If you buy a product from us for 50 €, we will invest that money back into production. As a result, for this amount of money we manufacture 3 new products, which we sell to new customers. As a bonus for the company's profit, you get cashback.

Where does cashback come from?

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